The Energy Rhode Island Needs

From a next-generation power plant



The Need

  • Rhode Island has the second-highest electric rates in the contiguous United States.
  • New England’s grid is facing a potential 10,000-megawatt shortfall in the coming years. New, affordable energy resources are needed to fill that gap.

Addressing New England’s Energy Needs

As aging, coal-fired plants are retiring in the region, New England’s regional electric grid is facing a more than 10,000-megawatt shortfall. The Clear River Energy Center will help address this crisis with a new, next-generation power plant.

The equipment used will be state-of-the-art, making the facility the most efficient and reliable energy center in New England.



Lowering Costs for Consumers

The Clear River Energy Center will play a major role in addressing energy reliability and affordability challenges from coal plant retirements and is projected to result in between $228 million and $286 million in cumulative savings for Rhode Island ratepayers in the first four years of operations.

"The Project will reduce regional wholesale capacity and energy prices and... lower electricity costs for Rhode Island consumers."
- Statewide Planning Program |

Homegrown, Reliable Source

The 1000-megawatt project will be New England’s largest new energy project in decades, helping to stabilize energy prices across the region.

This facility will be powered by natural gas, the same resource many people use to cook and heat their homes. There will not be any natural gas drilling at this site or otherwise associated with this project.