Creating Jobs,

Boosting the Economy

“Both the construction and operations phases of the Clear River Energy Center (CREC) involve a significant amount of out-of-state investment in Rhode Island, which economic theory and modeling indicates will lead to positive effect on businesses through increased spending and employment. The impacts on employment, earnings, and economic output from the CREC remain uniformly positive.”
- Statewide Planning Program |


Good Jobs for Local Workers

During Construction Period: More than 600 well-paying jobs for laborers, construction workers, and craftsmen.

Upon Completion: Two dozen highly-skilled workers will be hired for permanent, high-paying positions.

An Economic Engine

New England Leader: The Clear River Energy Center will put Rhode Island at the center of New England’s clean energy industry.

Local Economic Boost: The $1 billion Clear River Energy Center project is one of the largest economic development projects in Rhode Island’s history.

The project will generate more than $100 million in tax revenue for the town of Burrillville and another $20 million for the town of Johnston.