Invenergy Reducing Potential Oil Usage at Clear River Energy Center in Burrillville

Cutting by half the potential oil-fired days at power facility will reduce emissions

BURRILLVILLE, R.I., September 8, 2016 – As part of efforts to further reduce air emissions at the proposed Clear River Energy Center and address community sentiments, Invenergy plans to further limit the number of days the power facility could run on oil.

Invenergy is amending its permit applications to reflect a new cap of 15 days – cut in half from the original 30 days’ restriction – during which the power facility could potentially utilize its backup oil tank to power the facility. Oil would only be needed at the 900-megawatt, gas-fired Clear River Energy Center when regional gas supplies are highly restricted, such as during an extended cold snap.

This change has the potential to reduce carbon emissions from the facility by up to 30,000 tons annually.

“We know that the community had questions about the potential number of days we could run on oil, so we’ve adjusted our plan to limit those days and further reduce emissions,” said John Niland, Invenergy’s development director.

As a modern combined cycle generation facility, the Clear River Energy Center would be the most efficient power plant in New England. The project is already expected to lower regional emissions of air pollutants by more than a million tons of carbon dioxide each year, by displacing existing inefficient and more polluting sources of energy in the region.

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