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- Public Utilities Commission |
"Both the construction and operations phases of the CREC involve a significant amount of out-of-state investment in Rhode Island, which economic theory and modeling indicates will lead to positive effect on businesses through increased spending and employment. The impacts on employment, earnings, and economic output from the CREC remain uniformly positive."
- Statewide Planning Program |
"The Facility will contribute to reducing CO2 emissions associated with electricity used in Rhode Island, which is derived from generating resources across New England, as well as imports from neighboring regions."
- Office of Energy Resources |

The Facts

  • Approx. $1 million in new revenue for Burrillville
  • Hundreds of new jobs for local workers
  • Clean, homegrown energy for Rhode Island
  • Reducing emissions by replacing older, less efficient, more polluting plants
  • Up to $1 billion investment by Invenergy
  • New England’s most efficient power plant

Air Quality

  • The project will reduce emissions by replacing older, more polluting plants removing more than a half million tons of carbon dioxide per unit from the air every year.
  • Rigorous air permit process ensures air quality will be protected.

“Plant in Burrillville would cut regional carbon dioxide emissions by more than previously forecast.”
Providence Journal
Nov. 13, 2015

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Invenergy presentation to Rhode island Energy Facility Sitting Board, March 31, 2016.

Review our project application with the Rhode Island Energy Facility Siting Board.

Learn more about our project by viewing this in-depth document, presented to the Energy Facility Siting Board 1.12.2016.

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